Chris Fechtelkotter

Born in Boston but hailing from northern Wisconsin, Chris was a four-sport varsity athlete and a choir and band enthusiast in high school. He studied theatre and opera at UW-Madison. A true performer and motivator, he’ll keep you jazzed for all 45 minutes of his high-powered ride. When he’s not on the bike, you can find Chris living for beat drops in the weight room, watching a sunset on a dock with friends or eating everything in sight. Come to Chris’s ride to lose yourself in the music!

Upcoming Classes

  • Fri 4/28 · 6:30am

    Cyc45: Rise N' Cyc (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Fri 4/28 · 5:30pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Sat 4/29 · 9:30am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Mon 5/01 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Tue 5/02 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

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