Jesse Lucas

This Wisconsin native is always the life of the party and you can expect nothing less in his ride. A student at the Wisconsin School of Business, Jesse works hard to play hard. When he’s not teaching, you can find him strutting around campus, as he’s not afraid to show a little swagger. “You are what you think you are, so go through life with some confidence!” His passion for music and people makes for an exhilarating and entertaining ride you don’t want to miss.

Upcoming Classes

  • Sun 10/22 · 4:30pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Mon 10/23 · 6:30am

    Rise & Cyc (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Tue 10/24 · 4:30pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Wed 10/25 · 9:30am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison