Johanna Edwardsen

Though local to the Madison area, Hanna is no stranger to adventure. After taking a year to live in Australia, Hanna’s quirky, unique personality is ready to take over the Cyc stage by storm. From her inviting personality, to her stand-out music style, Hanna will have you leaving her class feeling exhilarated. Get ready, ‘cause Hanna’s taking you on a journey!"

Upcoming Classes

  • Fri 10/20 · 9:30am

    Best of 2012 - 5th Anniversary Ride! (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Mon 10/23 · 9:30am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Tue 10/24 · 8:30am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Fri 10/27 · 9:30am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

    Booking not yet open for this class