Megan Wurster

Born and raised in the Milwaukee suburb of Sussex, Megan is small-town girl with a big heart and bigger ambition. Now in her senior year at UW-Madison, she is ready to take the stage by storm. Her bubbly energy and enthusiasm fills the studio with heat no matter what the season! With a strong background in dance, Megan is ready to channel her love of rhythm, high energy music, and eclectic style into every ride. “Get ready,” she says, “because I’m bringing the flare!”

Upcoming Classes

  • Thu 3/30 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Tue 4/04 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Thu 4/06 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

    Booking not yet open for this class