Taylor Palmby

Taylor is the embodiment of Sconnie. Her first word was ‘cheese’ and one of her favorite activities is dressing head to toe in Badger gear. When she isn’t studying Journalism, Political Science and Digital Art at UW-Madison, she can be found performing one woman musicals, listening to 5 Seconds of Summer, dancing, and eating absurd amounts of nachos. With playlists ranging from Teenage Angst to Top 40 hits, Taylor’s rides have a little something for everyone. She strives to bring passion and inspiration to each and every road trip and hopes to have a positive impact on both the physical and mental health of her riders.

Upcoming Classes

  • Wed 10/18 · 4:30pm

    Hip Hop Wednesday! (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Thu 10/19 · 7:30am

    Best of 2012 - 5th Anniversary Ride! (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Sun 10/22 · 5:30pm

    Total Request Ride! (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Mon 10/23 · 8:00am

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

  • Tue 10/24 · 6:45pm

    Cyc45 (45 min) · Cyc Madison

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