What is Cyc Social?

Cyc Social is an easy way to connect with friends, see what classes they’re taking, browse rider profiles, and more.

Do I have to use Cyc Social to ride at Cyc?

No. Cyc Social is 100% opt-in. You don’t have to activate your Cyc Social profile to book classes, buy rides, or ride at Cyc. That said, we hope you’ll give it a try!

How do I activate Cyc Social?

If you haven’t already activated Cyc Social, you can activate your profile here.

Do I have to use Facebook to activate my profile?

Yes, currently Facebook is required to activate your Cyc Social profile. In the future you may be able to activate Cyc Social without Facebook, but for now connecting to Facebook is required to activate your profile.

How do you use my Facebook data?

We use Facebook to verify your identity, connect you with friends, import your profile photo, and link to your Facebook profile. You can choose whether to show a link to your Facebook profile or not.

Do you ever post anything to Facebook?

No, we never post anything to your Facebook profile.

Why aren't any of my friends showing up?

In order for your friends to appear on your Cyc Social profile, your friends must activate their Cyc Social profile too. Once your Facebook friends have activated Cyc Social, they’ll automatically appear on your friends list.

How do I add or remove friends?

Your Cyc Social friends are automatically synced to your Facebook friends. You can’t add anyone as a friend on Cyc Social unless you’re also friends on Facebook. This may change in the future, but for now your friends are managed through Facebook.

Can I change my profile photo?

Your photo is imported from Facebook when you first activate your Cyc Social profile and presently cannot be changed. However, in the near future you’ll be able to edit your photo whenever you want. We’re working on this feature now!

Who can see my profile?

Any riders who have activated Cyc Social can see your public profile, and vice versa.

Can I change my username?

Yes, once you activate Cyc Social you can change your username on the account settings page. Usernames must be alphanumeric and no longer than 15 characters. Spaces, periods, and other special characters are not allowed, but the underscore character is allowed.

How do I see which classes my friends are taking?

To see which classes your friends are taking, simply look at the class schedule page. If any of your friends have reserved a bike for any upcoming classes, you’ll see those friends listed on each respective class.

I have feedback or other questions.

Great! We’d love to hear your feedback about how we can improve the Cyc Social experience, as we’re still developing many of the features. Feel free to email any feedback or questions to social@cycfitness.com.