Cyc Rides

Cyc Rides


Clip into our signature 45-minute beat-based ride. Calorie burning endurance intervals are combined with weighted sectors inspired by more than 20 different sports movements from boxing, rowing, volleyball and more, to activate the whole body, the whole time.


Turn up the resistance, fire up your core, and grab your weights. This is our signature Cyc45 ride with additional weighted sectors that will sculpt your upper body, build your strength, and take you to the next level.


Take the "weight" off your shoulders and transform your stress into sweat. Raise your stamina in this 45-minute, weight-free ride. Hills, jogs, jumps and the perfect balance of resistance will free your mind and keep your body lean.


This is for the rider who wants an extra challenge and is ready to leave it all on the bike. Who doesn't want an extra 15 minutes with their Cycologist? Change your body and your mind.